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Stay organized on your next grocery shopping trip with these free printable grocery shopping lists! A grocery shopping list is a great way to stay organized and within budget. By creating a shopping list, you can prevent overspending on items you already have or aimlessly wandering around the store only to realize you forgot something you needed. And we’ve all been there!

Sticking to a budget can be a real challenge sometimes, especially when you’re unsure what you need versus what is hiding in your fridge or pantry. That’s where the grocery lists come in to help you plan your grocery shopping trips ahead and remain within your budget by sticking to the items on your list and curbing impulse purchases.

Below are a few printable grocery lists that will make your next shopping trip easier. Choose from blank grocery lists where you can add categories on your own or from ones with convenient pre-filled categories. You can choose from a variety of cute styles.

How to download the grocery shopping list printables

To download, scroll down and click on the link under the design you like, save it to your computer, and print!

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More free printables!

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